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Dear Friend

My name is Guido Zanelli, and I am a 36-year-old Argentinean seeking a long-term opportunity in distillery operations abroad.

Currently, I am employed at a government institution specializing in international politics and technological cooperation. I hold a degree in politics and have completed two master’s degrees. Alongside my professional career, I have nurtured a passion for spirits, specially whisky, which led me to explore the world of homebrewing during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Since then, I have gained hands-on experience in basic alcoholic distillations such as vodka and gin, as well as extracting essential oils from plants like lavender and mint. In 2022, I associated with a beer brewery company to construct a 550-liter (145-gallon) still alembic. Initially, our focus was on gin production, where we successfully established a streamlined workflow, from suppliers to various sales units including barrels, cans, bottles, and aged editions.

Currently, we are in the process of transitioning towards whisky production, and I am deeply involved in recipe development and aging techniques. Our operations have flourished, and we now have a dedicated team for daily tasks such as bottling, deliveries, and cleaning, allowing me to focus solely on distillation and recipe refinement.

I am eager to expand my expertise in the distillery industry and thats why I took the desition to seek for a mid to long-term commitment of 2-5 years in a well-established distillery. My goal is to deepen my understanding of fermentation and aging techniques while contributing my skills and enthusiasm to your team. While my primary expertise lies in gin production, I possess a broad range of skills applicable to spirits distillation as a whole.

Additionally, I am proficient in computer systems and possess strong organizational skills. Although Spanish is my native language, I am fluent in English, enabling effective communication in diverse environments, related to my proffesional background in international politics. 

I am confident in my commitment and work ethic and am excited about the opportunity to bring my passion for distilling to your establishment. I welcome any comments or propositions and look forward to the possibility of contributing to your team.

Thank you for considering my post.

Warm regards,

Guido Zanelli

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