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Whiskey Systems Inventory Tracking & Integrations

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We have a sales director that came from the distribution side and so she is VERY concerned about all things inventory and thinks that Whiskey Systems is not robust enough and may need outside inventory software. A couple of questions here...

1. Does anyone use Whiskey Systems along with an outside inventory tracking software?

2. Does anyone use the Quickbooks Online integration and if so, would it be worth getting only for the added inventory capabilities or would it be just redundancy to what WS already does? I read somewhere that any changes or inventory you take out of quickbooks doesn't even automatically update WS. 

3. Does anyone have any particular tips or best practices for solely managing inventory in WS along with a sales person/ teams?




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Hi!  We make Whiskey Systems so I thought I'd pop in and give you some answers.

1.  Yes, some folks indeed use external inventory tracking, but I would call it a small percentage.

2. QBO integration does not cause your Whiskey Systems inventory to appear in QB.  Instead, it causes your financial transactions (dollars, not units) to appear in QB.  QB integration likely wont help you get better inventory insight.

3. "Managing inventory" is a little broad and everyone's got different needs. To help you out here, I'd love to hop on a quick (no charge) call to discuss your specific needs. I'll PM you a link to book that consult in case you'd like to!

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