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50G Stills, Stainless Totes, etc

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We are selling the building we are in and want to offload a good chunk of the equipment we have.  Already listed the tanks in another post, but will be included in this list.  We'd like to move the stuff sooner then later, so prices are negotiable, especially if you buy multiple.  

125 Gallon Alembic Still (propane fired) $5,000
2x 550 gallons Stainless tote  $800 (each)
350 Gallon Stainless Tote $700
2x Insulated 50G Stills (includes power controls and 4 plated column) $6,000 (each)
2x 50G Stills (old power controls and 4 plated column) $3,000
2X 1950 Gallon Stainless Tanks $7,000 (each)
1x 2500 Gallon Stainless Tank $7,000
1x Pallet Scale $600
1 HP Air Direct Drive with Bridge Mount $1,200
TCW Pedestal Mounted Filter Housings $800
4X Stainless Drum $300 (each)

Let me know if anyone would like more pictures or details.











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