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Award-Winning Distiller, Looking for Work

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Hey folks,

I'm currently looking for work in a distillery, preferably hands-on. For the last 7 years I have been on a journey to graduate from homebrewer to professional, and I've actually been successful in that goal up to this point. Of the last 3 years, I spent 2.5 distilling and earned my certification from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (with Credit), with a more recent stint brewing beer. That last lay-off came 1 week after being diagnosed with a degenerative condition in my hips.

That all said, I've just learned that the spirits I made for my former distillery have pulled some serious awards. Apparently, my work has earned my former team a Gold in San Francisco for their Vodka; and at TAG, the uncooperative cinnamon whiskey pulled Silver, the pseudo-rum that used to salt out has earned a Gold, and my version of their signature blend pulled Double Gold. Lot of fun from that exit, but I have to believe that these accolades speak for my capability.

Ultimately, I love this craft, I want to be here more than anyone else you'll speak with, it seems like I might have actually been as good as I wanted to believe I was, and I don't think my work in this space is "done". Yes, a piece of my body is crapping out, but it's not gone yet and I seem to have some skill. I refuse to accept that I'm used up and fit only for the glue factory, so who will have me?



Nick Garnes Resume 04162024.pdf

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