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Mike - Co-Founder of The Bar Book Mobile App (Flavor Matching Technology) - Veteran Owned

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Hello Everyone, 

Thanks for allowing The Bar Book to join ADI. We are huge champions of the Spirits Industry, and we look forward to working with you all very soon. 

The Bar Book: Personalized Drink Recommendations! 

The Bar Book is a mobile app designed to eliminate guesswork when looking for a great drink and introduce users to new brands that have the flavors they love regardless of price or name recognition. In the same way music sharing applications introduce users to new songs, our mobile application we begin to learn user flavor likes and share similar products. We show users the brands closest to them with the flavors they love.  

How it Works!  

The Bar Book uses our flavor matching technology to identify which drinks best suit the user’s flavor profile. Users rate drinks and our software suggests drinks that match the flavors they love.  

When a customer visits a location, they can use a QR code for a Flavor Matching Quiz/Game that will help them identify their favorite flavors. Those flavors are then matched against a business’ menu of spirits, beer, and cocktails. The user will see a selection of drinks from the menu that are matched to their flavor profile.  

The Bar Book helps the user find a drink they will enjoy, creating a better user experience at any bar, brewery, or distillery. Users will develop their flavor profile as they rate and review drinks, which will further refine their individual flavor profile.  

Craft Spirits, Craft Beers, and Unique Cocktails!  

Our development team is almost finished with a business version of the app that will coincide with the mobile app release. Our aim is to reduce your customer acquisition costs and introduce new consumers to your brand through flavors. Let The Bar Book help! We can augment your tasting events and support your Brand Ambassadors.    

We expect to launch the mobile app in July, our prototype is available on iOS and at https://thebarbook.co 

Please reach out to me and lets talk more about how we can work together, or just connect and talk about our brands. The best part of this industry is the people we get to meet along the way. 

I look forward to talking with you soon, 

Mike Waskewich


CEO / Co-FounderOur Story.pdf

The Bar Book

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