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As part of the zoning process, NY has something called SEQR: State Environmental Quality Review. I had to go through that. It has two levels: the first all those actions that are automatically excluded from review (most agricultural activities fall here), the second are those that are large enough to automatically trigger a full environmental impact statement. I fell into the middle (where many things fall because the range is so large). After review by county and local officials it was determined that my business did not need a full environmental impact statement, and the SEQR review was sufficient to determine that I was not a threat to the environment.

But that's as far as it got. But I'm dinky.

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An EPA dislosure form was filed on both the Rogue Distillery and Brewery with the app for each license. Make sure that there have been no changes and confirm the status is as registered. EPA will select inspections both at randon and on complaint. Be on good terms with both the field officer and the office MGR, so the on-site visit with be a confirmation of an understanding rather than a surprise.

Hey you've got a pretty location there, in Newport, If if worked for the EPA I love that road trip!

Best regards,

Donald R Outterson, Woodstone Creek Distillery

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