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Lead Distiller at Farm to Glass Distillery, Central NJ

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Recklesstown Farm Distillery (RFD) is a small, family-owned and run craft distillery. We produce our spirits primarily from grains grown on our farms by us (12th generation farmer!), or from other locally grown grains from our neighbors and fellow farmers.

We are accustomed to doing things from scratch: seed to harvest, mill to glass. Our hard work, our recipes, our dedicated team grows our grain, crafts our spirits, creates our unique cocktails.

Our Columbus, NJ facility was built on one of our preserved farms. It houses the production facility, barrel storage, and our tasting room.
We craft 2 vodkas: 100% corn and 100% potato, a London dry style gin, moonshine, spiced rum, 2 bourbons, and our own line of bitters.

Our cocktails are created to highlight our spirits, and the menu changes approximately every 2 months. We focus on seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs which are available from our neighbors and our established agricultural connections. Fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients are our specialty. Each menu presents 6 signature cocktails and a draft cocktail. Standards are also available.

Recklesstown is a genuine farm to glass craft distillery with a relaxing, country atmosphere but high-end, metropolitan-esque cocktails emphasizing our superb craft spirits.


Job description:

RFD's lead distiller will be responsible for the production, storage and processing of our craft spirits. The lead distiller will work in concert with the owners (husband-wife team) to maintain spirit excellence, and determine production goals.
RFD is a collaborative environment in which we do our best to look out for one another and support each other's work. Being a flexible team player, not constrained to specific tasks, is essential.

Distillation duties:

  • Establish schedule required to meet production goals
  • Creation of products from RAW materials (experience with milling, mashing, fermentation & distillation)
  • Acquisition of required ingredients; including selection of choice grains to be grown on farm
  • Lead bottling, packaging, barreling & barrel management
  • Cleaning and sanitation of all equipment and work areas
  • Ensure product quality and consistency through use of best practices
  • Tracking and record keeping of raw materials and final product for reporting needs - inventory
  • Assist with bottled cocktail development, processing and record keeping
  • Assist with TTB/NJ ABC reporting
  • Manage equipment maintenance and required safety records
  • Training of assistant(s), should need arise
  • Explore & experiment with new product possibilities
  • Continue professional development

Tasting room duties:

  • Assist in front house: creation & development of secondary spirits, tours, “meet the distiller” events
  • Assist in maintenance of safe, inviting and profitable environment



  • flexible work schedule for 40 hrs/week
  • Simplified Employer Pension (SEP) IRA after 18 months of employ
  • high level of autonomy
  • 2 weeks of paid vacation
  • salary commensurate with experience



  • able to routinely, safely lift 50 lbs
  • spending full day on your feet/moving about
  • flexible/able to adjust to shifting needs
  • willing/able to tackle (problem solve) potential hiccups as they arise

Compensation this position is : salaried, 50k-75k


Please email: denise@recklesstownspirits.com

  • Let us know why you'd be a great fit for Recklesstown Farm Distillery!
  • What's your favorite spirit and why?
  • How about your favorite cocktail?
  • What do you like to do when you have time away from work?




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