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"200 Gallon" 6 plate still for sale with (or without) glycol heater

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We're closing our distillery and selling our Affordable Distillery Equipment "200 gallon" 6 plate still with gin basket, condenser, table and parrot.  We are also selling, together or separately our 45kw glycol heater with approximately 90 gallons of propylene glycol (system requires approximately 50 gallons). Located in Richmond CA. $23,000 for whole set, $20,000 for the still. All offers considered. 


  • 230 Gallon Actual Capacity

  • 2hp 230vac 3 phase 0 rpm to 45 rpm Variable Speed Agitator: (VFD included)

  • 12" Clamp Down Manway

  • 4" Sight Glass in the Manway

  • 5 PSI Pressure Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler

  • 5 PSI Vacuum Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler

  • 15 PSI ASME Pressure Relief Valve On the Jacket

  • 15 PSI Steam Jacket

  • Insulation Jacket

  • 4" Tri Clamp Butterfly Valve on the drain

  • 10" Diameter Whiskey Column with 6 Bubble Plates

  • 10" Diameter Tube & Shell Dephlegmator

  • (6) 4" Sight Glasses in the Column

  • 6 CIP Spray Balls in the Column (1 above each plate)

  • 6 Plate Drain Valves

  • 4" Face Thermometer above the Dephlegmator in the Whiskey Column

  • 4" Face Thermometer below the Dephlegmator in the Whiskey Column

  • 2 CIP Spray Balls in the Boiler

  • 4" Face 0°F to 250°F Thermometer in the Column

  • 3" Face 0°F to 250°F Thermometer on the inner Boiler

  • 10"x40" Tube and Shell Condenser

  • Stainless Parrot's Beak

  • Bolt to the Floor Stainless Table Stand or Stainless Column Stand for the Condenser, You Pick. (We provide a table stand by default)

  • 11'4" Overall Height

  • Mirror Polish on Copper and Stainless

  • Inner Boiler has a Mirror Polish

Added are 2x adjustable PRV/vacuum valves on 3' risers currently adjusted to 12 psi 

We have been using it for 2 years and never had a problem.


Glycol heater

45 KW. Not UL listed.  Heat comes from off the shelf Tempco TSP02222 3phase 5kw heating elements, switched by 3 x 480v rated 3 phase contactors, PID controlled. Glycol circulated with a B&G .5hp, 208v 3 phase pump controlled by VFD. It's a very efficient workhorse. requires 3 x 60 amp 208v 3 phase plugs and 1 x 110v plug. Email for more specs. All connections to still (sanitary, SS) included.  Picture was when it was still being wired, before insulation. 


All inquiries to Adrian@dissidentspiritsco.com

Still 2.JPG

Still 1.2.jpg

Glycol Heater.jpg

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