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Sorry to put myself on public display like this, but I am just too excited about this industry to give a hoot about my manners. I'm looking for a job! I am a chemical engineer with a MBA and experience as a vice president of a winery. I have also been involved with the startup of two new and impressive artisan distilleries in South Dakota. I moved to Kentucky to get into the real guts of this industry, but I am having trouble getting a job. I was hoping someone from this forum could help me out a bit.

I'm not looking for anything fancy. I started out as general labor at my last job; I can do the same here in Kentucky (or southern Indiana). I just want some mash under my finger nails. I've tried getting a job through the normal routes like signing up on the Brown Forman (and Jim Beam, ect) website, and I have had little luck. If you have a job for me or know anyone who might have a job for me, please help us both out. A great worker for them and a great job for me.

I have attached two resumes, take whichever format you like!



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