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Hello from Alabama!

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I am an active duty soldier with dreams of someday starting a rum distillery. I have been casually researching the trade for several years, trying to make sense of all the paperwork, laws and legalities surrounding it. As a veteran, I know I qualify for some pretty awesome loans/rates via SBA programs, so I wouldn't think financing would be too much of a problem...and I have a hefty amount saved up in the bank. (hefty for a working stiff like me)

I have been thinking of everything from legal paperwork, financing, building size, equipment, barrels, bottling, labeling, and the one that really confuses me is distributorships vs peddling my wares door to door...which I don't think I can do in certain states. I would like to start in GA, which is where I'd like to retire...I'll be 44 when I leave the army.

I have been very surprised by this board's members cooperation with each other, even though one would think it would be more competitive. I guess there is room for everyone when you are micro-sized?

I intend on attending several workshops/seminars in the near future to clear up a lot of these questions, its just not an option right now based on my deployment cycle. Hopefully late summer/early fall I can start traveling around and go to several different workshops. Counting the days!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dan Bickett


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