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Seeking investors for Northern Nevada / Lake Tahoe Distillery

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We are currently seeking investors for a private offering here in the Reno, NV. / Lake Tahoe Basin to create a brewing and distilling destination. Currently there are no Distilleries in the State of Nevada however, legislation that we have been working on for over a year is in front of the legislature currently in session with the support of Nevada Distributors.

Located in the Center of Reno at a former brewery (1950) it is our plan to utilize the historical value of the location and the 65 acre feet of water located underneath via the artesian well certified in approximately 1904. Being a high traffic tourist destination coupled with the allure of Lake Tahoe and all it has to offer we intend to open a Craft Distillery and 30 or 60- BBL Brewery focusing on bottle packaging and kegging. There will be a tasting room on site. This is a new start up that will redevelop an entire city block in the heart of the city taking advantage of the newly opened Freight House District and Reno Aces baseball stadium.

Currently the Distillery Business plan is completed and is phase one of the overall project. The brewery has developed out of the need to have both a distillery and brewery to accompany the artist community and restaurant with a possible speakeasy within the block.

If this project sounds interesting, please contact me.

Virgil Strong

Tahoe Blu Distillery



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HI Virgil,

I see that this post is from Feb, I was curious for an update if the NV state legislature ended up passing the bill you had worked to get in front of them? Politics, especially involving alcohol, can be so unpredictable even a small victory on the state level that continues to relax the antiquated laws we all face is an overall victory for the industry.

Also, I checked out your website, and noticed that there is a spelling error on the homepage that you might want to correct as it's kind of a key word. Middle paragraph you use the word "pirate" where I'm pretty sure you intended "private"?

Hope all is well,


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