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Would like to meet some Northwest locals

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Hello ADI members,

We are currently in the process of starting up in Vancouver BC. We have built a new type of continuous wave valve plate still for testing the waters and seeing if we could produce a good tasting product (88%ABV @ 10C). Before this we were fabricating with CNC and it has allowed us to produce some interesting new designs. We are moving into the registration phase now and are really interested in seeing and tasting some other equipment in action before we build our scaled up column. Our operation will be running a 500-1000L pot and we will be producing vodka and gin at first.

Are there any ADI members in the Washington/Oregon area that can spare some time for a couple of Canadians, we would love to come visit. We have time to travel in the next 2-3 weeks, hopefully this will coincide with someone schedule. We don't mind getting our hands dirty.

Thanks for the information on the forum, it has been very helpful to us.

best regards,

F & J


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My new distillery, Wishkah River Distillery, is in Aberdeen, WA and I would love to have you stop by if you get this far south. I just received my license early Jan of this year and am in the process of running small batch R&D production with plans to move to the larger equipment within the next week or so. Feel free to e-mail when you have your trip planned.

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