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Tour South African distilleries.


Visit about 20 micro distilleries in South Africa  

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  1. 1. Would you like to join a tour to South Africa to visit about 20 micro distilleries?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Perhaps - depending on costs
    • Not sure
  2. 2. What tour duration would you prefer?

    • 7 days - one week
    • 10 days
    • 14 days - two weeks
    • Longer
  3. 3. What time of the year would you prefer?

    • June/July - Winter in South Africa
    • August/September - beginning of spring in SA
    • October/November - late spring in SA
    • December -SUmmer in SA
    • January/February - Summer in SA
    • March/April / May - late summer/autumn in SA

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Hi All,

We're considering it to arrange a micro-distillery tour in South Africa to visit about 20 micro-distilleries, including the only distillery outside Mexico to produce Blue Agave tequila. We will visit some world famous (yes, there are in South Africa!) producers of the finest brandies and other spirits. The tour group will consist of local distillers and enthusiasts, as well as (hopefully) a well represented group of ADI members.

The tour will have as its purpose to view operations, taste and enjoy the best of South African micro distilleries and create networking opportunities for distillers. ...and off-course we will also enjoy the best of Souh African cuisine, the wilderness and the big-5 during the tour.

The tour costs will be really affordable with a "no-profit" / "break-even" basis used, when calculating the costs. (A guestimate of $200.00 per day per person would include ALL costs during the tour - accommodation, travelling in SA, a hearty Breakfast/brunch and dinner, refreshments and snacks during the day)

Please respond on the poll to indicate your interest or drop me an email at gert@distillique.co.za to be kept up to date.


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Some emailed communication indicated a reasonable interest in the Distillery tour to South Africa. We will determine further interest this week from South African distillers to accompany us during the tour to have a full tour of about 14-18 people.

At this point in time the tour dates move towards September 2011 for a 7 day tour. Arrangements are underway to visit between 12 and 16 distilleries - mostly in the Western Cape/ Cape Town region of South Africa.

Due to all the arramgements required, We have given a travel agency instructions to provide us with fixed quotes. Will advise as soon as more information is available.

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