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As a new micro distillery you might be wondering how your brand can compete with lofty advertising budgets and breakthrough to sophisticated drinkers. Social Media and the Web have changed all the rules. Like David & Goliath, agile micro distillers can win loyal customers by showcasing their people stories & communities online. For small business, often their marketing and online strategies are a daunting and delayed project (eg.HTML, CSS, PHP, those are languages?), where they really can be a simple and enjoyable experience. Imagine a Content Managment System (eg. Wordpress) that lets you upload video, photos and content that speaks to your brand, its values and your community, in just an hour a week.

From creating a concise branding document with taglines, audience analysis and usage rules, to implementing a simple online strategy and tracking results, I've helped local business grow their clientele & brand. I'd like to find temporary work with a micro distillery helping them unleash a new cost-effective, simple and enjoyable marketing & PR program, using the online & offline strategies best suited to your distillery. I would also like to spend a portion of my time apprenticing with the Master Distillery, from cleaning to tastings, there isn't much I won't do.

If your micro distillery needs to connect with audiences in a meaningful way, I'd like to discuss your needs and how I could help construct your brand strategy. You can visit my portfolio online at www.goodmeme.org to see some of my projects. I can be reached by email at dvbabu at gmail.com or by phone at 831-325-9099, my name is Vikram.


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