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Hose n Pumps Help


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I am researching what type and where to get hoses and pumps for pumping mash into still. Any leads will be nice. Thanks in advance. Please attach link if possible or what you are using at your facility.

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I have a pump and hoses for sale for just this very thing. We operated a 300 gallon kettle/still and would move mash from the kettle to fermentor and then back using this setup (see photo).

Wakasha 25 PD pump w/ 3hp variable speed motor and Electronic variable speed drive (safetronics CV10) and remote control.

Includes three hoses:

1) approx 10 feet

2) approx 20 feet

3) 3 foot "super" hose from kettle to pump that can handle boiling alcohol.

I'm answering this at a remote computer. I can find the actual specs if you're interested. We paid over $5K for the pump and over $2K for the hoses, plus the variable speed drives. I'd let it all go for $3500. (We closed the facility and are producing our product at a neighboring distillery).

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