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2011 Great Lakes Cider and Perry Competition

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The 2011 Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association is pleased to announce this years competition.

Details are here:


While the emphasis is on simply crafted cider and perry, we do welcome pommeau and spirits made from apples and pears.

Judging is quite different from other competitions. A training seminar is held the night before for the judge pool, which is made up of experienced non-commercial, non-industry tasters, media, and commercial producers. 3-5 people judge a flight.

I know this is right before the ADI conference, but we welcome you and your products to join us if you can.


Charles McGonegal

AEppelTreow Winery & Distillery

VP, Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association

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Thanks for posting that. I enjoyed the web site and am impressed by the competition organization. The call-for-entries materials are excellent.

I grew up in Mansfield, Ohio, and although we lived in town we patronized Sandy Hill Fruit Farm out in the county, mainly for the apples and cider. I didn't get to visit farms often as a kid so it always made an impression. My parents would occasionally let some cider harden a little bit, just so we could experience it. Mansfield was a base of operations for John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman, so I feel like apples are a big part of my heritage. It's good to see Great Lakes orchardmen getting the word out.

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