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Looking for Micro-Distillers in Chicago

Guest Jesse Evans

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Guest Jesse Evans

I am looking for suggestions of start-up distillers that are interested in some space on the south side of Chicago inside a microbrewery. All the info is below.




Brothers Jesse Edwin Evans and Samuel Evans are actively opening a production brewery in the Whiskey Point section of the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago. It's tentatively called New Chicago Brewing Company. They will be producing and bottling strong ales in the West Coast style. New Chicago beers will be a collaboration with insanely creative people in a 100% sustainable environment.

They are a socially-conscious company partnering with- and located inside- a revolutionary food manufacturing facility called The Plant (http://www.plantchicago.com). It's the first vertical farm facility of its kind. The Plant is a closed ecosystem that can handle its own waste and generate its own power, striving to be completely off the grid. Every one of their byproducts from spent grains to carbon dioxide will be fed back into a system that raises tilapia, grows microgreens and mushrooms and nurtures hydroponic gardens. Nothing leaves the brewery except beer.

After selling their independent contract brewery in San Francisco, they have relocated back to their hometown of Chicago, bringing the strong, West Coast style they love with them. One of the brewery's main ingredients will be to give back by using its money and resources to benefit the positive things that are happening in the city of Chicago. New Chicago Brewing Company will launch in the first quarter of 2012.

The Evans brothers were the founders of a brewery in Oakland, California. In the past few years, they grew from a small batch of hopped-up lager to a sustainable independent contract brewery with distribution in the San Francisco Bay Area. After 6 years of living in California, they decided to relocate back to the city they love. They sold their stake in the company to new partners. It was really important to them that it would stay a genuine, local, organic and fresh product.

Lucky Hand brewed in the same brewhouse that was originally used to start the organic brewery Bison Brewing Company. All of the product was packaged in 22 oz. bomber bottles. Lucky Hand produced two beers: Cali Common, a hopped-up California Common lager, and the roasty, dark Black Lager. Lucky Hand structured a deal with Whole Foods that was a catalyst for the brewery's growth. The use of all-organic ingredients helped make it a success.

Contact Jesse and Samuel at (773) 888-3677.

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I'm looking for someone in Chicago to make me a batch of Clear Grain and Malt Whiskey. I have a brand and marketing strategy and want to see if its successful. Just don't know how to make Whiskey or have time. Let me know if you are interested in that and how much you would be looking at charging to accomplish this.



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