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Labeler Wanted

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Here are some common questions that can get us into the ball park of what kind of machine you need:

Are you labeling round or non-round containers?

Are your labels pressure sensitive (a sticker) or are they paper labels (requires a hot glue labeler)?

What are the dimensions of your containers (diameter or L x H x W) and labels?

Are you labeling a front and back label that are on the same web and how do you plan on registering the front label to the back label (on a round bottle)?

Small runs = usually means semi-automatic or hand feeding the containers into the machine - please verify.

Of please feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions!

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We have one as shown here: http://www.tcw-web.com/Products/Labelers/Labelers.htm. We don't use it anymore because it's a wet glue machine and we now use pressure sensitive labels. We're in Napa--please contact me at 707-225-4829 or robertjmorey@gmail.com.



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