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hello from Italy!

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Hello everyone!

Give me a minute to introduce my company: we are an Italian o.e.m. of continuous and discontinuous distillation still for the production of excellent 'reserve' distillate, the famous Italian grappa. Featuring unique characteristics, our plant can work manually or automatically, optimizing temperature, exhaustion rate and head and tail cutting.

Our company is located on the Alps, grappa homeland, and since the 80’s we have been the supplier of the most prestigious and well known Italian distillery.

Feel free to contact us if you want more info about us, Italian grappa b.a.t. or just say hello.

Nice to meet all of You in this really helpful forum


sales manager

email: commerciale3@metalinox.tv

website: www.metalinox.tv

ph: +39 461 992569 - dial #1 "commercial"

Metalinox sas

Via vienna 14 - 38121 Spini di Gardolo




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