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Design Elements

Fusion Glassworks offers inexpensive, yet high quality China-based custom bottle manufacturing and packaging.Our extensive network of suppliers and factories has given us the ability to provide not only bottles, but a diverse range of packaging strategies.

We offer a variety of decorative techniques to embellish your bottle. We can glue the label to the bottle or perform a heat transfer printing where the label is baked into the glass. Acid etching, frosting and decorative patterns are available as well. We offer food-safe spray coating, a process that bakes externally applied color into the surface of the glass.Color may also be added directly to the glass material during production. This type coloration only applies to situations involving extremely high quantity production runs. The closures we offer come in a wide variety including metal (ROPP and stelvin), plastic screw cap,cork (synthetic or natural), etc.

The base cost to produce a mold is roughly $5,000 USD fora standard bottle. The greater the size and complexity of the form, the greater the cost will be to produce the mold. Customizable bottle samples are available with an investment of about $1,200 to make the sample bottle mold. This is not typically advised unless a large volume purchase is planned.

Order and Delivery

Fusion Glassworks works diligently and with urgency tomake sure your order is processed and delivered to you in a timely manner.Assuming all goes smoothly, you can expect your samples to arrive in 4-6 weeks and your first larger shipment to arrive within 4 to 5 months after the order is placed. Fusion has a required minimum order which is one full 40-foot high cubic container. Broken down, that's 24K symmetrical 750ml bottles if they are packed in boxes or roughly 27K if they are packed in bulk. Roughly 60K standard 12oz. beer bottles will fit in a 40 HC. While the actual order must be placed at once, you have the option of a partial delivery.

Fusion Glassworks is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our current and potential clientele. Please phone or e-mail Paul Dunning with any questions or inquiries.Thank you for your interest.

Paul Dunning




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