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Krones Universela Cut & Stack Paper Labeler

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Krones Universela Cut & Stack Paper Labeler-Used

(2) Label Stations

Capable of front, back & neck labeling

Built by Krones in 1989 and used only for prototype for process development in a laboratory.

The unit probably has no more than 1,000 running hours since rebuild.

The unit is in good condition. Machine serial number is 91-274 and comes with 12 ounce long neck beer bottle tooling.

Operating and spare parts manuals are included. Actual cold glue pots are not included with the machine.Very competitively priced.

Arnold Lawner

Advanced Materials

St. Petersburg, FL 33703

727-521-3100 office

727-710-1100 cell



www.EVGlobal.com- Auction Site for Packaging and Process Equipment.

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