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Need Corks

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My name is Lenn Stark from Salacious Spirits. This is the first time I have wrote anything, but I have read a lot of the comments and articles. My Partner and I have a Vodka in the market now called Ghost Vodka in Michigan, but we have ran into a small problem. We need 600 21.5mm black corks, can anyone help us? Please e-mail lenn@salaciousspirits.com or call 616-835-4108. Thanks for any help!!

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Hi, I've had good responce for small quantities of corks from Amorim & Irmaos in Portugal. The contact is Sandra Lopez Raro. Excellent service and good responce - Especially if you have the specs and can get them to her. The following is the contact info. She dos have a SKYPE # Give her my regards.

Amorim & Irmãos, S.A. (U.I. RARO) - Rua Central da Vergada - 4536-909 Vergada - PORTUGAL

Phone: + 351 22 747 0430 - Fax: +351 22 747 0421 - Mobile: +351 96 322 9938

Email: slopes.raro@amorim.com Skype: sandra.lopes.raro

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I'd call Brad Brunson at Amorim Cork America. He's the biggest cork guy in the country and a really nice guy too. He can be reached at 414-719-2390, or bbrunson.acam@amorim.com

You'll note that he's the U.S. guy for the company that the previous poster mentioned.


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