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Tuthilltown and Catskill distillery tours

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Just went on a short trip to the Catskills and got tour my first two artisan distilleries. I want to thank Cordell Stahl at Tuthilltown distilling for a great and humorous tour. You are quite a character and I enjoyed meeting with you and talking about my plans for starting something up. If you are in the area go check these guys out. They were finishing a major expansion where they blew out the top of their barn to fit a new Carl 500 gallon alembic still. Very nice set up. The restaurant next tour is worth a visit too. Got the best cooked to order burger I've ever had.

I was also lucky to be driving by the Catskill Distillery on their opening day and got to see their ribbon cutting and go a personal tour from a distiller there I believe he said his name was Mac. Great guy very willing and open to talk about what they had going on. Beautiful Carl designed dual still system for making anything.

They are only about 45 minutes apart and I enjoyed both tours immensely. It made me confident I am pursing something worthwhile in a community of cool people. Thanks again to both groups. I am posting just a few photos from the tour. (ok the photos are too big right now. I will size them down and post them later.)

Rick Schneider

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Hi Rick,

I was at the Catskill opening as well. The owners name in Monte and he is indeed a good guy.

I'm not sure if he's on here but I'll point him this way and he'll be excited to see the pictures.


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