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penal sum question

Werner Distilling

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I'm finishing up my permit application and have a question as it applies to the penal sum. First let me say, I tried to do a search on the forum but "penal sum" has too few letters and the site will not let me search for that phrase. If someone knows how, let me know as I don't mind looking myself.

Of the papers and documents to be submitted with the application, a list of the bonds AND THEIR PENAL SUMS is required. I have my unit bond, and dont see a penal sum listed. So is it just part of the math in the sense that if you have 5k in production bonding, then you really only have half of that because the other half is the penal sum? Meaning if I produce 185 proof gallons in 15 days (approx 2500 in tax) then the other 2500 of the production bond is the penal sum? Or is it that the 5k production bond covers 5k in penal sum?

If someone can give me a quick rundown on this, I'd sure appreciate it. For the record, Im looking at the general instructions for form 5110.41 Registration of Distilled Spirits Plant.

Thanks, Greg

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