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What Woodford Does


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Denver Distiller wrote: "Mr. Cowdery will no doubt tell you that Woodford Reserve has tried to use pot stills for bourbon production, and the burn on in those massive stills affected the spirit, and not in a positive way. Now they blend, blend, blend. You've got all the corn, rye, and malt husks together with the yeast coming in direct contact with steam-filled pipes."

They solved that problem rather neatly, which was by installing a recirculation pump. Now the mash, solids and all, is always moving in the beer still and, hence, doesn't burn.

The blending they do, with whiskey made at their other Kentucky distillery, is mainly because of volume. The Woodford Reserve brand sells more than the Woodford Reserve Distillery can produce.

Nice problem to have.

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I was defending your point about the use of continuous stills by pointing out that there's more reasons to use a continuous still than just volume.

Yes, the corrected the problem, but they found out why huge potstills are rough on Bourbon the hard way. Stranahan's filters their wash, and I'll be using a lauter and recirc. pump for my new potstill to avoid these problems. We're all looking for our own path to a nice whiskey. A continuous still (beer stripper) followed by a pot, as you point out Cowdery, is a fine way to get there if you ask me.

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