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I'm working on getting a zoning change in Las Vegas (Clark County) to zone small distilleries differently from large distilleries. Current Clark County zoning puts ALL distilleries in a Heavy Manufacturing (M-2) zone and we all know that not all distilleries should fall under the same zoning for manufacturing intensity, complexity, production, noise, traffic, emissions etc. I've made the case that not all distilleries are the same similar to breweries, small breweries, micro-breweries and brewpubs which are zoned differently in Clark County.

I'm looking to have small distillers zoned in Light Manufacturing or Design Manufacturing and we are looking at making a distinction between large and small based on annual volume produced. I've seen various production numbers proposed for a craft, small or artisan distillery ranging from 20,000 annual proof gallons, to 50,000 annual proof gallons to 250,000 annual proof gallons. H.R. 777 defines small distillers at 100,000 annual proof gallons.

What do you think is an appropriate break point in volume to differentiate a large distilling plant that would be zoned Heavy Manufacturing v a small pot still distillery that would be zoned Light or Design Manufacturing?

My personal opinion is that 20,000 or 50,000 annual proof gallons is too low to define a small distiller and the 100,000 figure is more plausible. This will make a difference in where I could locate my business and when I would have to relocate my business in the future.

I go before the full Board of Clark County Commissioners on Nov 16 so I'm looking for feedback before that time.

Much appreciated.

Red Shoes Distillery

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