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Use wine barrels?


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We’ve gotten new 10-gallon barrels for aging our small quantities of apple brandy, but we’ve discovered that new barrels oak the spirits really fast. So we’re looking for old 50-gallon barrels to provide a more neutral environment for long-term aging.

Used brandy barrels would be ideal, but they’re hard to come by. An easy source is used wine barrels, but I wonder about whether their previous use for red wine will give too much wine taste to my spirit. Does anyone know if you can soak that out sufficiently?



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I'm pretty sure Rocky Mountain Barrel has once used 55 gal. brandy barrels for sale. Around $120 or so I believe. They are based in denver and I'm sure will ship to wherever.

Can't comment on the quality of a brandy aged in a former wine barrel (yet. I'm about to rack some over to one and find out though!).


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Red wine barrels will turn your spirits a reddish color. I know this from experience. Used chardonnay barrels work very well, and complement Brandy spirits. Within a few weeks the Brandy will turn a light golden color. I also prefer French oak, but it is a matter of taste.

Mick H.

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