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Another newb just lurking

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Hello all,

I am at the VERY beginning of starting a distillery. Currently I am collecting data on the permitting process, start up costs and also looking into training/education. I'm realistically 3+ years out from being able to start my own distillery but I'm not letting the dream go. In the meantime I'm hoping to build my knowledge base and eventually get a job distilling =)

I have a strong all grain home brewing background and have been reading a LOT for the last year or so on distillation hitting all the internet spots and pretty much every book I can find. This forum is the only internet resource I've found for larger scale (and legal) operations.

I'm planning to apply for an American Distilling institute internship with a focus on distillation and/or aging as those are my two areas of interest. Eventually I hope to meet business partners to handle marketing and sales side of the house.

I appreciate you all sharing and hope I can eventually ask some intelligent questions. In the meantime have a safe and bountiful new year.


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