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Hello, I'm Dick with Distillation Technologies inc. I enjoy the forum very much. My brother & I have been studing distillation for several years and have invented a new low pressure low temperature distillation system. It produces 200 proof with just 25% of the energy used in current systems and does not need or use any filters or molecular sieves. Its a continuos process to make ultra pure alchohol fast & inexpensively.We have built and tested a proof of concept system and have two white papers from independant labs & engineering firms that verified and model our results. We are patent pending & would need a nondisclosure signed before giving up intimate details about the system,but we welcome all comments & questions. We are currently seeking partners to help exploit this new technology. As it is a distillation system it has many possible applications. We are located just outside Kansas city, Missouri. Anyone may email me at dab045@yahoo.com or call me 816-405-6688. Thanks for your time & best wishes to you all and your ventures.

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