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Get Congress to pass HR 777

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In his state of the union address last week, President Obama laid out his blueprint for creating more jobs:

  • Cut taxes for American manufacturers so they can grow and hire.

This morning, we released to our members findings from last year's survey of small spiritsmakers. We asked DSPs how they would invest the $1.71 per 750ml bottle of 80P spirits. The answers, aggregated to the nation's 300+ small DSPs, are:

  • Hire 623 full-time employees and
  • Buy $16 million of equipment

If Congress and President Obama were looking for "shovel ready" tax cuts to implement that would not only create American manufacturing jobs, but also support related business -- e.g., U.S. farmers, equipment and packaging makers, as well as members of the trades (electricians, plumbers, mechanics, welders) -- 777 is it!

Please help us by....

  1. Personally contacting your representative and senators asking them to co-sponsor HR 777 in the House and introducing a similar bill in the Senate
  2. Like and tweet ADI's post on Facebook
  3. Send the announcement in the above link to the business editor of your town's newspaper, radio station and TV station

If 777 becomes law, the 30 minutes you'll spend doing the above will bring the biggest return-on-investment for your business!


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