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Pot Stills?


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I don't operate in California, or use a steam still (Mine have a jacket), but figured I'd offer what assistance I can. Please disregard my input if either is a show stopper for ya :)

1.) Have you reached out to your local fire marshal? Doubtful there is an actual law on the books explicitly prohibiting or permitting an open flame, and likely any municipal-level "official" you ask is going to defer to the fire marshall's input anyhow, so might as well go straight to the source. And there are varying levels of fire marshals too, we had to connect with the County-level one for an okay that was enough to ease concerns by the bank and local government. *even though we don't have an open flame...

2.) This is going to depend on what you intend to make, and anyone who could answer your question for you definitivly is going to need that detail first. So, "what are you goning to make? / what are you starting with that you intend to distill"? % solids is probably your biggest variable here?

Best of luck,


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