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2012 Pre-ADI: Peer Spirits Tasting Feedback Shipping Info


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If you would like some peer feedback on your weird, prototype, or otherwise interesting spirit from the folks participating in the Nashville Pre-ADI get together, please mail your samples to the below address for arrival by March 27th.

We have between a dozen and 15 industry member whose taste buds will be available, including Bill Owens and an expert spirits noser.

Feedback, as has been mentioned elsewhere, won't be formal and can't be guaranteed to be cogent, given the amount of product we may have to go through. However, the feedback will be honest, low pressure, and from your peers. Without the pressures of a conference we should be more deliberate and descriptive.

You are welcome to submit either under with full info on the label or with a minimal label if you'd like to be more covert. I will insist we know the proof, the main ingredients, and the style you're going for (if such a thing exists) so we can taste in a more informed way. Covert labels should have some sort of ID for the product so Bill or I can get you your feedback back.

Also let me know if it's OK to bring leftovers to ADI proper.

Mail samples to the below. Label boxes as Commercial Samples, No Commercial Value, and of course Glass Enclosed.

Corsair Artisan LLC

c/o Peer Samples

1200 Clinton Street Suite 110

Nashville TN 37203


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I've been asked how much spirit to send. Sorry to forget such a thing!

One 750 mL will more than do.

The Nashville get-together will be the 30th and 31st, so if you are shipping and will miss the 27th, the 29th is the last realistic day of arrival.

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