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"Glorified Carney" comes to the ADI Forums

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Hello all,

My name is Charles (maybe you gathered that from my username) and I just wanted to introduce myself. I travel for a living and am involved in the Experiential Marketing world. Basically, I create an experience for various brands all over the U.S. I live out of a suitcase, live in some nice hotels and osme not-so-nice hotels, and am a "Bling Bling" member of every hotel chain known to man. I have been to almost every State Fair, NASCAR race, and probably your hometown strawberry/cherry/bacon/garlic festival. I call myself a glorified carney b/c I take showers, don't have short fingers, and do not smell like cabbage. :)

Besides all of that, the best part of my travels is that on my days off, I take tours of distilleries. So far, I am up to 14 distilleries to date! In order to find the distilleries, I use the ADI Map to see if I am traveling near a distillery. So, make sure you update your location so I can find you!

Feel free to message me your distillery's address and I will try to take a tour and buy a bottle or two!

Have a good day!

-The Charles


P.S. Carnies are really nice people. I didn't mean to paint them in a bad light. They work extremely hard for their money!

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