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Craft Whisky Distillery Expert - Canada


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Central City Brewers & Distillers is a highly awarded craft brewery situated in Surrey, British Columbia. Poised for a major expansion, the business is seeking a Distillery Expert to create a new range of small batch distilled products. The planned product portfolio will feature all malt whiskies, and other distilled products including (but not limited to) vodkas and gins.

This is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate to be involved from start-up; playing a key role in the design of: process, recipes and brands.

Desired Candidate Profile
  • Detailed knowledge and hands-on expertise in the process of new make grain whisky spirit making , including milling of grains, cooking, liquefaction, fermentation , distillation and familiarity with barley malting and maturation of whisky.
  • Detailed knowledge of impact of various process parameters on quality of whisky spirit, yield i.e. role and critical stages of each congener formation in the process and its effect on quality of whisky spirit.
  • Expertise on distillation of whisky spirit i.e. knowledge of separation techniques for desired congeners recovery in the whisky spirit and undesired congeners removal from the whisky spirit.
  • Expertise on organoleptic testing and blending of whisky spirit.
  • Knowledge on effect of material of construction of the equipment on the process of new make grain whisky spirit.
  • Bachelors degree (or greater) in an appropriate field of science, fermentation technology, or chemical engineering.

As this position is based in British Columbia, candidates with valid work rights for Canada will be at an advantage.

Construction and commissioning of the greenfield expansion is currently underway, and the successful applicant will be required on-site from February/March 2013.

Applications for the position close October 31

Candidates should apply by sending a CV and cover letter to the Operations Manager, Tristan Warren :
. No phone calls.
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