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Distillery Opportunity in Hawaii

Property + Natural Water Source + Beverage MFG SUP, Hilo, Hawaii


The Vision:

In 1993, the owner secured a special use permit (SUP), allowing the development of a distillery, brewery, or specialty (non- alcoholic) manufacturing and bottling company on just under 7 acres. The Hawaiian property takes advantage of an existing natural artesian water source flowing from the slopes of Mauna Loa, pumped to the property from an existing well. This permit set the wheels in motion for the vision: a Micro Distillery or Micro Brewery with product blended with pristine Hawaiian water. The vision is complete with a visitor center, beer garden and tasting room to capitalize on the exploding local and visitor population.

In 2012, HB1925 was signed into law as ACT 302. In summary:

Allows holders of Class 1 manufacturer liquor licenses to sell beer, wine, or other specified liquor manufactured or distilled on the licensee's premises from fruit or other products grown in the State, in any quantity to wholesalers in original packages or for private use and consumption. (HB1925 CD1) This allows for direct sale of alcohol on the manufacturer’s premises. The alcohol must use any quantity of locally grown product. See: http://www.capitol.h...billnumber=1925

Today, you can realize this vision.

  • Strategically located, abundant, and fertile Hawaiian land
  • Access to natural Hawaiian artisanal water source
  • Special Use Permit
  • Friendly business climate for direct sales for private consumption, and sale to wholesaler
  • Unique opportunity for “Made In Hawaii” branding


Special Use Permit:

Special Permit 842 (Docket No 93-000003) and subsequent amendments allow the expanded development of a brewery, distillery, soft drink bottling facility and related improvements. Due to a non-compete agreement with Hawaiian Springs Water Co., the bottling of pure drinking water is not a permitted use. However, soda or flavored water and beverages remain as permitted uses.

Strategic location:

The Property is located just 8 miles from Hilo International Airport and The Port of Hilo just off of Highway 11 which serves as the main roadway connecting Hilo with Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and its estimated 1.35 million visitors per year.

Tourism Appeal:

According to the National Park Service, visitors spent in 2010 an estimated $122 million at the National Parks and the surrounding communities on the Big Island - $88.26 million came from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Made in Hawaii:

Hawaii is world-renown with products distributed throughout the US mainland and Asia. Some of the many products from Hawaii that have enjoyed the "Made in Hawaii" success include Kona coffee, Deep-Sea Bottled Water, Natural Artesian Bottled Water, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and the growing number of micro-brews and distilleries in the State.

Large level lots:

The design of sub-divided lots promote building design efficiencies.


General Excise taxes are lower on the island of Hawaii when compared to Oahu.

Freight costs:

Island-to-island shipping companies currently offer reduced rates for shipping back empty containers such as kegs and other reusable containers.


Location: Kea'au, Hawaii (Border of Hilo & Kea'au)

2 Lots (see websites for details)

Zoning: FA-2a, Family Agriculture


Building height allowance: 45 feet, commercial building allowing for tall column stills, fermentation tanks and so on.


30 feet - front,

30 feet - rear,

20 feet - side

Flood zone:

Flood Zone X, 500-year flood


For photos, video and more information on the listing please see:



Please call Rebecca Keliihoomalu at 808-895-1156 (Hawaii Standard Time)

Additional questions, call 808-783-7845 (Hawaii Standard Time)

Email: bigislanddistillery@gmail.com (“Big Island Property” in subject line please)






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