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Powder Activated VS Granular Activated Carbon batch method


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Hi, I am new to distilling vodka and we are planning on redistilling NGS. (Taking cuts etc.) Currently, we are in need of advice on the finishing process using a simple batch method. We aren't ready for packed filtration columns yet and won't be for a while. We were told by Norit to use powdered carbon and let it sit in our solution of water and ethanol for 1-4 hours stirring occasionally. (there's a big difference between 1-4 hours) Can we use granular activated carbon instead of powder? What are the pros and cons? We are thinking of using Granular so we can save up what we used on our batches and have it re-activated at some later point VS the powder that we probably will have to discard and from our understanding the powder creates a mess and is more difficult to filter out at the end. Do we have to soak the carbon / rinse before dumping into the spirit tank? Can anyone give us any info on this? Time of contact, how often and the duration of stirred it up etc. Is there any rule of thumb for ratio on amount of carbon to liquid? Any advice or direction would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly- Neil wssrm3@aol.com

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@Panoscape The PDF you linked was extremely helpful. I read through the entire thing a couple of times, and honestly it was time well invested. The one thing that the reading has put in the back of my mind is the fear of finding inferior activated carbon. He mentions that cheap Chinese activated carbon is often sold as high quality food grade carbon.

Where do you all purchase your activated carbon from? (I would prefer coconut shell!)



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We are supplying special technologies for vodka processing in dinamic way, in flow. Almost all well-known Russian, Ukranian vodka`s trade marks are applying the technologies. I am going to propose these methods in future in USA as well as already they are operating in 35 countries. If you want to ask me, do not hesitate.

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