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RMS Roller Grinder in Craft Breweries & Distilleries

RMS Roller Grinder

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Dennis Schoenwald and I am a Sales Engineer/Project Manager for a mechanical manufacturer called RMS Roller Grinder located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA. My company has been established since the early 1980s in servicing roller mills of all makes and models within the feed and grain industry all over North America and beyond.

Bill Owens contacted me a few weeks ago about advertising and helping the Craft American Distilllery market out like I did with the Craft Brewery scene this past year. As one advid brewer to another, we shared similiar ideas and recommendations to help educate and improve the craft distillery market. Our discussion involved particular attention to detail on milling grains from malted barley down to flour to rye to corn and beyond. I have had great pleasure on creating and delievering "BREWER" friendly mills for the craft brew scene with our 2 rollers, 4 rollers, 6 rollers, and NOW our new 8 roller grinder for distilleries and mash filter applications.

I am currently working on a handful of distillery projects using our 6 & 8 roller grinders within different geographies across the U.S. I am hoping that I can influence and help improve your milling applications if you are looking for:

1. Dust tight machines, dust-free sample ports on our machines to help you maintain the highest quality grind

2. Better consistency of grain milled

3. 250-350 Microns (Flour)/Particle Size with a low standard deviation ranging from 1.5-2.0 on all 6 rollers & 8 rollers

4. Improved Efficiencies with each batch allowing for less grain to be utilized

5. More control of product characteristics

6. Improve flow ability through take away systems

7. All adjustments located conveniently on the front of machine; no need to remove covers, screens, belt guards, etc.

8. Energy cost saving motors and start up panels using 50% less KwH so your are not amp'd out from the intial startup for the day

9. Service & Support 24/7 365 days with a direct cell phone line to your Rep to trouble shoot or educate...ME

10. American made in the Upper Midwest

I would very much like to help each and everyone within your industry on their malt/grain handling equipment for any new startup project or expansion. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your current needs or applications.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to improving your products!


Dennis Schoenwald



quad sample#2 11-15-12.pdf

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