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Proof for filtering


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Just curious at what proof others are filtering their vodka at. Seems very dangerous to filter NGS at 95% and not very efficient to filter after fully diluted. Is there a magic number for this? I am thinking in the 150 to 160 proof range makes sense?

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From a safety standpoint 75-80% is a little better than 95% (flash point = 17oC @90% increased to ~20-21oC @ 75-80%), and you get some benefit from vapor pressure reduction (~20% lower, ~56torr @ 95% to ~45torr @ 75-80%), but your flash point is still below ambient temperature (assuming 25oC) until you get the EtOH concentrations below about 50% (24oC @ 50%, Vap.Pressure ~ 36torr). Hope this helps.

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