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Electrical Company concerned.

lb distillers

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Greetings all. Our local power company is concerned that a micro-distillery is a hazardous environment as defined by our electrical code. To that end we have had to hire an electrical engineer to prepare a report before they cut off our power. We thought we were good after the fire marshal signed off on our building but I guess not. Has anyone else run into a similar situation?

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We are classified as a F1, so we are no more dangerous than a woodworking shop. Not sure if Canada has the same ratings for operations, but if you're within a cetain classification like a F1, then you can use that to plead your case that you are no more hazardous than a wood or paint shop.

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the problem isnt the nature of the business, its Saskpower's lack of knowlege about it.

contact Ian Walker

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

300 - 1919 Rose Street

Regina SK S4P 1P9

Tel: (306) 781-6400

Fax: (306) 522-2786

E-mail: Ian.Walker@stantec.com

we've worked with him before and was very helpful getting everything sorted for the local authorities

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Thanks for the contact. We do have an electrical engineer contracted. I was just more curious as to whether any other distilleries in other jurisdictions have encountered problems with utility companies. Agreed that Saskpower has no knowledge about distilling or chemistry in general. :)

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