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"Alexander & James" - online UK retail by Diageo

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Kind of glad we don't have this in America, although I guess it's harmless: http://www.alexanderandjames.com/

From bottom of the FAQ:

Question: Who is Alexander & James?

Answer: Alexander & James (A&J for short) is an online spirits store brought to you by the global drinks specialist Diageo. Named for two celebrated men in whisky: Sir Alexander Walker II and James Buchanan, Alexander & James is dedicated to making the craft, heritage and passion that go into making fine spirits easily accessible and contemporary.

You'd think it'd be cheaper that other places, but I checked a bottle of Oban 14yo and it was 5 pounds more on the Diageo site than on DrinksDirect.co.uk. Although this makes more sense if A&J is kind of like Caskers.com - not an actual retailer, but just an internet marketing site... call it the "4th tier".

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