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Pine Barrens - distilled from hopped beer


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Have just purchased my 2nd bottle of Long Island Spirits' Pine Barrens Malt Whiskey while I was in New York last week. Was noticing it compares in spicy notes to Charbay's R5 when I looked it up and found that it's also distilled from a commercially produced beer - Blue Point's Old Howling Bastard.

I was under the impression that the phrasing "hop flavored" on the Charbay label was a TTB requirement and was curious why this phrasing might be absent from the Pine Barrens label.

I love the idea of spirits being distilled from already flavorful beers, etc., but I'm curious about how these products should be differentiated on the label. "Hop flavored" also doesn't seem to do descriptive justice...

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