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California Distillers @ Denver


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Who else from California is attending the ADI conference??

If you would like to get together to discuss doing business in California and what the California Artisanal Distillers Guild (www.cadsp.org) is doing to try and make things easier for us, including AB-933, please let us know. Cris (guild treasurer), Melkon (So Cal director) & I will be in Denver. Cris & I are wondering if Monday evening might work for an informal get together? This would be a good opportunity to learn more about what the guild is doing and to share what some of the hurdles are that our distilleries have had to deal with, and simply to get to know each other better.


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Good morning Gordon. I too am from California and just like Cinewalt, I am in the preliminary stages in Northern California. I think it would be great to get together and discuss the guild. Keep us posted as to when, flying in Monday mid day.


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Cinwalt & Redmitty,

We (obviously) haven't gotten much response on this, so we are thinking of trying to push it back to Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe lunch or cocktails after the day's events? We're hoping we can touch bases with some other California folks Tuesday during the conference and get a few more participants.

I'll update this posting, or if you want to send me your email addresses, I can contact you directly. My address is Gordon "at" DryDiggings.com

Looking forward to meeting you!

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We're here and thinking this evening at 6:00 in the bar next to the main lobby at the Sharaton might work out?

I know this conflicts with the awards dinner, but we are not going and am wondering if anyone else from CA is either? If not, then this should be great. Give us your feedback.


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