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Recommendation for Whiskey Resources

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Hopefully, this isn't inappropriate, but I would like to offer my recommendation for Donald @ Whiskey Resources.

Donald has been here for a couple of days reviewing some of our procedures (sort of like an internal audit) and he's been extremely helpful. While his experience at BT and MGPI might seem like the scale is too large, he's had no issue relating to what we do. He reviewed our TTB documents, from Daily Reports to Monthly Reports to TIB's. He did find a few mistakes we had made, but nothing too large. We shipped our first export order this week and he walked us right through it as well.

If you are a new guy or an established distiller, I think he can add value to your business. Ask him to help clean up your reporting. The time he has saved us in that field is worth the call alone. Having some assurances of what we are doing is always comforting.

Disclaimer: We aren't in business together and I get nothing for posting this....except for possibly some good will.

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