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Tried a search but could not find anything. I have a potential investor and they really don't want a big ROI in cash. :) :) They really want a private label R/T their primary. Forget about all the finance issues R/T sales to them. I can deal with that. They really like the idea of their name on a bottle.

Has anybody done this. I see lots of "Personal NAMES" on bottles most likely just marketing but I really don't know. The cash infusion will be great right now and I have no problem given them a name on a label. I really cant find anything that says I can't.

The problem I can see is are they an investor and when are they payed out or would it be better to just sell them a label for X amount for X amount of bottles.

Hope that is clear as mud :wacko:

Thanks John

Got land, got town changing zoning, got planning board approval, got town commissioners looking at town building to give or break ground on my land in 30 days. :D :D :D

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You have a lot going on! Regarding personalized labels, it's not a big thing at all. I can direct you to some great designers I work with as well as print your labels. I'm with All American Label. I'd be happy to send you samples of our print work...we have 2 facilities, CA and TN. Pricing is very competitive and we specialize in foil and emboss work.

email me at irene@allamericanlabel.net (not .com )!

Irene George

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