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Howdy from Mother Earth Spirits

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Just a hello from Kinston NC! We have a brewery that has been open for 4 years, and we have just begun to make spirits. We have a 50 gallon "aroma still," that we bought from Rob at Premier Stainless. We're still working on our bottle, but we are going to be making a gin, a whiskey, a rum, and grappa as well.

The building and distillery is certified to a Gold standard by LEED (as well as the brewery), and we're trying to continue with that direction...we use a solar array for all our hot water (if the weather were a little more reliable, I might try heating the still with the solar...) and PV flags for some of our power.

I'm not totally new to distilling (I used to make a shochu for a well-known Japanese Syouzo) but I am new to distilling in the USA!

I've been brewing a while, and you can find me on the ProBrewer forums as well, under the same username.


Mother Earth Spirits

Kinston, NC

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Hey Dan,

I was just through Kinston the other day on my way back from Columbia, NC. We are label printers/designers based in Thomasville, NC. We print wine labels for over 400 customers throughout the US and in the last few years, have quite a few distilleries that we are printing for.

Welcome to ADI! You will meet a lot of nice people here. If there is anything I can help you with or you would like for me to visit or send samples of our labels to you, please let me know.


Carol Phillips

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Hello Dan,

I am Monad, I live in Tulsa Oklahoma, and I am a vodka/distilling enthusiast.

Welcome to ADI. I have been on this forum for 90 days and I don't think I have ever used a more useful (and friendly) message board than ADI.

I wish you the best of luck with your business.

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