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iStill Distillers Event 2013

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I know Europe is a fair swimming stretch away from most of you guys, but if you want to come, if you are around, please step by!

We are organizing the iStill Distillers Event 2013 on Saturday the 14th of September nearby Amsterdam.

It will be about workshops, about getting to know each other, about new market developments, and the latest iStill innovations.

Only 25 miles from Amsterdam Airport ...


Regards, Edwin.

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Looking forward to an interesting day! We will be meeting with 30 distillers. Many from Europe, but we also expect guests from the US, Canada, the UK and Norway. We will be introducing a few new products and features to make distilling easier. Or at least ... more interesting! With lectures on apple brandy, marketing and consumer trends, and making pure whiskey. I will post some pictures later!

Regards, Edwin.

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