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The Legislative Committee of the American Craft Distillers Association is making efforts on two fronts toward eventual passage of its proposal amending the Federal Tax Code. They are: Education of legislators, and Introduction of this proposal into the anticipated Tax Code Revision. That Revision is being prepared now, so it is time for you to act.

This is how you can get involved in the effort to reduce your Excise Tax rate:

  • Review the attached "one pager" describing the issue and the proposed resolution and effects on the 400+ Craft Distillers nationwide and especially in your State;
  • Write your US Legislators today and urge your Senator and Congressmen to help the growth of our craft industry by supporting the proposal to reduce your Federal Excise Tax rate, tell them: who you are, what you make from Agricultural raw materials, how many voters you employ (or will over next two years);
  • Contact your US Senators and Congressmen and invite them to visit your distillery while they’re in the district;
  • Prepare for the visit with such information at the tip of your tongue as: number of voting employees, typical tax bill you pay, number of visitors who come as tourists, sales tax tourism generates to the State at your site alone, the volume of raw materials you buy from New York farmers;
  • Point out the fact Micro Brewers and small Wineries already enjoy similarly discounted Excise Tax rates and the effect the discount has had on the growth and success of those two industries;
  • Describe the benefits your operation brings to the community and your State;
  • Invite press to the get acquainted visit.

The purpose of this introductory effort is for you to meet and educate your Legislators about the issue and prepare them for the introduction of the bill and discussions which will accompany the effort to get it passed into law. Regardless if your distillery is a member of ACDA or ADI, this effects your bottom line. REACH OUT TO YOUR FEDERAL LEGISLATORS TODAY.

Act today. Contact me directly if you have questions; or have your Legislator's office contact AMERICAN CRAFT DISTILLERS ASSOCIATION for more information. This is a non-partisan issue, we need bilateral support.

Ralph Erenzo

Chairman, ACDA Legislative Committee


Gardiner, New York

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