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Fresh Liquor!

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Hello, I'm new here, I have an interest in fresh, un-aged liquors like grappa and moonshine. I was inspired by the Filu e' Ferru tradition when visiting Sardinia and later came to appreciate American Moonshine for it's similar characteristics. I might like to start a distillery some day in New York but I don't want to rush it, one obstacle is finding an appropriate space that won't require too many modifications and build out in order to start with a minimal investment and not feel the pressure to start making large quantities right away and take some time to develop unique recipes and procedures.


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Welcome, while I'm not a commercial distiller I have close ties to small startups such as you envision. Control is key to a fine distilled product and small startup distilleries and developmental scale stills are where I target the control systems that I've developed.

When you get to the stage that you're thinking of securing equipment, there are several suppliers of small scale distillation and mashing equipment including artisanstilldesign.com (they offer commercial scale equipment too), confederate stills, and several others. Depending on your proposed size and product line you might wish to contact one of these guys for the hardware once you've sorted out a location.

Once you've figured out heat source and power availabilities in your new facility, feel free to drop me a line.


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