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Hello everyone, my name is Ara Gregorian. Just wanted to introduce my brother (Arin Gregorian) and I to the board. We are in the works to start a craft distillery here in San Diego, CA.

I will be coming up to Denver, CO during the week of 8/22/13 and 8/27/13 for the first annual Fermentation Festival on Saturday and Sunday. I have already reserved 2 spots with Stranahans on Friday and I was wondering if there are any other craft distillery members who are on the board who may want to set up tours and tasting sessions. I have used the ADI Map to locate the local distillers but I'm having some trouble finding distilleries with updated websites with tour information.

I am setting something up with Mitch at Downslope Distilling but that's about it. Any advice on other distillery locations and tours with updated information will help.

Thank you,


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