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Hello from South Africa

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the Eastern Cape Province of RSA and have been distilling 'seriously' since 1999. My stills are a 36L SS urn conversion with flake stand and a 50L beer keg conversion with 1,5m x 35mm Nixon/Stone column.

My favourite spirit is a Single Malt which I mature in a 25L oak barrel (heavily toasted). after double distilling in my 36L pot still. The other still is used to produce a neutral which I flavour with my own Gin Essence.

In October, 2012 I obtained licences for both stills using the loop hole we found in our Customs & Excise Act where "A manufacturer of excisable goods solely for the use of the manufacturer thereof" can be exempt from paying exise tax.

I am planning to visit USA next month and will be in South Virginia, Halifax County. I would love to visit nearby craft distilleries while I'm there.

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hello again

I've arrived in Virginia, Halifax County, and it's on the cards that I will be moving here permanently with my family. Our intention is to establish a craft distillery on my son's property west of South Boston on River Road. Any help and advice would be welcomed.


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